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This Week

I am learning to type again.

Netlink and YNL

I am officially now a maintainer of the YNL library and Netlink specifications that live in the Linux kernel git repository.

M:     Donald Hunter <donald.hunter@gmail.com>
M:     Jakub Kicinski <kuba@kernel.org>
F:     Documentation/netlink/
F:     Documentation/userspace-api/netlink/intro-specs.rst
F:     Documentation/userspace-api/netlink/specs.rst
F:     tools/net/ynl/

Zero Trust

Having spent the last 20+ years focused on networking technologies, I am now enjoying a bit of a pivot to Zero Trust architectures. Sure, there's still a lot of networking in Zero Trust, but there's also some interesting new problems related to identity and attestation as well as the need for compliance auditing and maturity assessment.